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Ten years ago our Design department was created and we offer Design & Layout services for Kitchens, Bars & Laundries which include complete & detailed Plumbing, Electrical & Mechanical Service Requirement Drawings ready for your Contractor or Engineer. This allows you the flexibility to use us as your single source Designer & Supplier, always with our encouragement to compare pricing.

If we can’t meet or beat the competition, you have the option to purchase from an outside source. Customers who use our Design & Supply capabilities benefit from our ability to meet budgetary goals, resulting in substantial savings on time & money. Another benefit to our service is that we offer the option of having Uni-Source personnel onsite during the installation for assistance, so that you can feel confident that the job will be completed correctly. Below is an outline of how our design system works:

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research & PLANNING


The project begins with research and discussions on the property to determine basic goals and scope of the operation. We review and work with the architect looking for any differences between the allocated spaces versus our recommended spatial requirements. We then look at work flow of the property, reviewing kitchen locations, access, etc. All of this helps ensure a good flow and adequate capacity bases on the client’s needs.

preliminary CAD layout


At this stage we get into the more specific requirements, looking at equipment, prep areas, storage, and most importantly the workflow inside the kitchen. We prepare a preliminary CAD layout for review, and work with the customer adjusting as necessary until all expectation are met.

Final Scaled Equipment Layout Plans


Uni-Source provides the customer with Final Scaled Equipment Layout Plans, Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Service Requirement Drawings, Spec Books, and access to Electronic Copies of all drawings and books. Uni-Source prides itself on the level of detail provided in its Equipment Service Requirement Drawings. Our time in the field over the years, has given us in-site to what is needed by the engineers and the workers on the ground, and we have applied that insight to our drawings.

consolidate the equipment


If Uni-Source is supplying the equipment, we will then consolidate the equipment in our warehouse until it is needed onsite. We check everything not just for damage, but for correct voltages, sizes etc. Factories make mistakes all the time, and catching it now before it gets to the site saves time and money. We then label & number all equipment according to the design layouts, and pack containers based on the priority of the equipment (i.e. hoods which need to be installed first are packed so they can be unloaded first). This small step pays dividends in the field saving countless hours in the field.

total involvement


We will then coordinate with the customer to meet the container onsite and assist in the unloading, unpacking, assembly, and locating of the equipment. Your plumbers & electricians then hook up the equipment, and we will then start-up on the equipment. Depending on the size of project, we will also provide overall project budgets, drawing revision logs, and Installation Responsibility Matrixes. Our total involvement with supplying products to your Hotel, or working with you through a project, and our 25+ years of experience, ensures that you receive the highest value/level of services in the industry. We work with you through any problems that may arise with the equipment by negotiating with the factories on your behalf for any applicable warranties. We are always there for you, before and after the sale.