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Food Service

At Uni-Source Supply, we understand the importance of efficient restaurant equipment in the establishment of a successful restaurant. We are one of the leading restaurant equipment suppliers, and we design equipment to meet the needs of modern kitchen spaces. Irrespective of the category you are looking for, we have an expert team of development engineers with years of product development experience who deliver leading commercial equipment solutions.

Reliable Restaurant Equipment Supplier

Our Food Service Offerings

  • Cooking equipment

We offer a diverse selection of cooking equipment to suit the culinary needs of modern kitchen establishments. Our equipment is beautifully designed to deliver high performance, durability, and energy efficiency that ensure optimal cooking results.

  • Refrigeration equipment

We offer the best equipment that has been devised to maintain an optimal temperature while conserving your kitchen ingredients.

  • Food preparation equipment

We help you enhance your kitchen’s productivity and efficiency with our extensive selection of food preparation equipment. We offer slicers, mixers, blenders, food processors, and other tools that streamline your food preparation procedure while saving valuable time and labor.

  • Storage and shelving solutions

Organize your kitchen with our shelving solutions. We offer customizable shelving units, food containers, and storage racks to optimize space utilization while ensuring easy access to supplies.

  • Dishwashing and sanitation equipment

We help you maintain cleanliness and hygiene with our innovative dishwashing and sanitation equipment. These are engineered with high precision to ensure top level hygiene and effective cleaning processes.

Why Choose Us as your Restaurant Equipment Supplier?

  • Quality and reliability

We are committed to offering restaurant equipment of the highest quality. Our products are sourced from reliable manufacturers known for reliability, durability, and adherence to industry standards.

  • Large collection

We have everything for everyone. Irrespective of your requirements, our selection ensures that you find the perfect equipment solution for your kitchen.

  • Competitive pricing

At Uni-Source Supply, we understand the importance of cost efficiency, and with a dedicated commitment, we ensure competitive pricing.

  • Swift and delivery

We value your time and always strive to offer prompt delivery of your equipment.

Explore our range of products and choose Uni-Source Supply as your trusted hotel & restaurant suppliers.