Best restaurants in the Caribbean

The Caribbean is melting pot of culture and tastes set in an even vaster “corner” of the Atlantic Ocean. The availability of year-round produce from wild groves or managed plantations, and a wealth of ingredients to pair with the rich abundance of seafood that each island is naturally afforded is a unique combination made more unique my varied terrain that will see mountainous Jamaica offering delightful goat dishes while Puerto Rico will lean to lechon providing by lovely suckling pigs.

The possibilities are endless and it’s a fool’s errand to compare apples to oranges, or more likely plantains to mango. Consequently, finding the “best” restaurants in the Caribbean is a matter of taste and taste at the moment. The perfectly cooked lobster served mere feet from the beach out of a shack by a lovely family to a soundtrack of Caribbean musical offerings could easily surpass the offerings of a critics’ favorite and the dishes provided by a world renown chef in a setting resplendent with millions of dollars of artwork. At the end of the day, you’re looking for a lovely meal and the wind, smells, sight, and gifts of the Caribbean.

Mi Casa at Dorado Beach, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve, has every right to lay claim to the title of “Best Restaurant in the Caribbean.” The culinary genius José Andrés, brings his gourmet small plate (tapas) to diners for both breakfast and dinner.  It is at night when this star particularly shines. His use of local ingredients to provide diners an array of constantly changing menu items in a pristine beach-side setting is nothing short of marvelous. With over 200 tables, and nearly as many rums on offer, to highlight his creations along with a delightful selection of wines by the glass to pair with each course, it’s truly an experience not to be missed.

About 230 miles away on the island of Anguilla is a spot who won’t forget, Ken’s BBQ. Sometimes you just need to get out of the Caribbean sun, and Ken’s has a tarp/tent to do just that. Ken has the coldest beer on the island and the best ribs in the Caribbean. Great music, food and  tables with a view make this the spot after a day at the beach.