Roller Ironer 8″ Electric 39″ wide by Miele PM1210

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Roller Ironer 8″ Electric, 39″ wide Roller.

Ironing throughput [lbs/h]: 50 lbs with Initial Residual Moisture of 15%
Ironing speed [inch/min.]: 59 – 158

Large, user friendly touch display, Temperature control in 1°F increments. Quick selection of three temperature settings possible. Speed control in 0.1 m/min increments. Quick selection of three speed settings. Favorite programs function allows quick selection of frequently used temperature and speed settings. Cleaning and waxing program: this program automatically sets all the relevant parameters for cleaning and waxing the trough. Infeed monitoring alerts user if length of ironer is not used evenly. Pause Function selectable via display. The trough disengages and the roller comes to a halt. After 10 minutes the temperature is reduced.

2 AC 240V 60Hz, convertible to 208V and 220V
Fuse rating [A]: 2×20
Heater rating [kW]: 3.3 (2.5/2.7)
Total connected load [kW]: 3.7 (2.9/3.2)

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